Zardoz: Speed sculpt and retopology

Tools: ZBrush Maya

I made a speed (1 hour) sculpt of a flying head idol from the movie "Zardoz". The goal was to see how quickly I could sculpt a model using an existing reference. The process included retopology in Maya so the final mesh could be light enough to be used as a static or animated game asset. The final model only had 1,287 polygons.

Final sculpt in ZBrush after retopology.

Reference picture.

Testing the normal maps and the low poly model in Unreal.


I found the movie "Zardoz" very entertaining, so I decided to sculpt the flying head idol that appears in it. To make it different from my other sculpting projects, I decided to set myself a time limit of 1 hour. Additionally, I used a reference image from the movie instead of my own concept art. It was a challenge to make the resulting model look as similar as possible to the movie version and to fit the project within 1 hour.

I did the retopology in Maya because I wanted to practice facial topology and make the asset ready to be used in a game. I UV mapped the model and also exported the normal maps. I also created a mask so I could apply a glow effect on the eyes. In the end I tested a low poly version of the model in Unreal Engine.