Shaders in Unreal Engine

Tools: Unreal Engine

My goal was to make a shader for a character which would render an interesting flame-like "hair" effect (think Disney's Hades) in Unreal Engine.

Configuration for the flaming "hair" shader.

The final shader look in Unreal Engine.


I wanted to have an interesting shader for the character's hair. I did not like how static it was, therefore I embarked on a journey of making it move.

The effect was achieved mostly using voronoi noise animation and world displacement that was done according to it. Everything was done mathematically in Unreal editor without using any external textures, so it does not lose quality when zoomed in.

It is relatively light because I did not use tesselation, however, it can look a bit better with it.

Shader experiments

Before making the flaming hair shader, I had some time to experiment with Unreal Engine shader tool. Here are the results:




Alien flesh