Rigging and Animation

Tools: Blender

This article describes animation and rigging done as a part of "Rat Catcher" character project (blog post link).

The model was rigged using Blender. Inverse Kinematics was applied to the arms and legs to make the animating more straightforward. Initially the Blender deformer shapes were used for rigging the clothing, but later I found out that they are not properly interpreted by Unreal Engine, so I had to re-do some parts of the rig using a regular armature.

I made 2 animations: running and idle. I chose these because they provide a sense of movement to the character and they are the basic actions essential to almost every game character. My main concern with the animation was to make it look as interesting as possible without it looking overly exaggerated. The idle animation is the character standing in a combat pose while breathing. The running animation is fast while armed with the spear. The hand holding the spear barely moves and stays slightly behind the character in order to maintain the weight of the spear.