Tools: Unreal Engine Java Processing

Two examples of particles in one: A candle I made in Unreal Engine and a small project where I created a 2D particle system from scratch that reacts to the web camera and has a flocking function.

Screenshot showing how particles follow an outline of a person in the web camera.

Particles from scratch

This program uses the web camera to capture a change in pixel brightness. The coordinates of the bright pixels then become new particle emitters. Controls on the left side of the window allow to adjust a behaviour of the particle system. It is also possible to add a collision and flocking behaviour to the particles.

Unreal Engine

In my bigger project about which you can read in my blog I created a flame for a candle using a particle system. In Unreal Engine 4 the light from the particle system is not correctly interpreted by the subsurface scattering that I used in the skin and candle materials. Because of this I had to create a separate light source on top of the candle to make it look more realistic.