Character clothing

Tools: Marvelous Designer Zbrush 3DS Max Blender

I would like to talk about how I made the clothing for my "Rat Catcher" character model (blog post link). I used Marvelous Designer and Zbrush to create the high poly outfit. After that I did retopology using 3DS Max.


I started with the metal elements like the kneepads, pieces on thighs and arms and the helmet were done through modelling them in Blender. They were created in this phase to aid with making realistic clothing.

I used Marvelous Designer to create clothing. I went for a victorian-style shirt, a harness, riding trousers, belt, military boots and the hood. The harness was the most difficult part to work with. I also had a few discarded shirt and trousers designs until I settled with the final idea.

Problems and solutions:

For the cloth to interact correctly with the straps of the harness and the hard elements such as the knee-pads and armor pieces I had to create an "exploded" version of the model which would then morph into the normal position pressing down the simulated cloth elements and creating a realistic effect.

The morphing didn't really work for the harness as it is very tight fitting and narrow. An image on the left illustrates the clipping issue. As a result I had to find an alternative way of making it.

The issue was solved by creating the harness directly in Marvelous Designer like any other cloth element . Playing with different values and the shape of the pattern helped me to achieve the look I was going for.

The output of Marvelous Designer is a high-poly model which wouldn't work efficiently as a game or animation asset. Therefore further retopology of the clothing models had to be done using 3DMax and Blender. Additional elements such as the belt-buckle and soles of the shoes were modelled in Blender. The candle for the top of the helmet was sculpted in Zbrush.