3D character sculpting and modelling

Tools: ZBrush Maya

The goal was to make a character ready for use in Unreal Engine and for animation. I set a limit of 30,000 for the number of polygons. The final polycount was 21,271 polygons.

Facial geometry.

Polypaint of the body.


Facial polypaint.

Final sculpt in ZBrush.

Face sculpt.

Concept art.


I wanted to create a character based on my custom design of the "Fairy King". The concept was of a character with a human-like physique, but with the stylised face and some unusual features. In the end I came up with an insect-like carapace on the body, a cute stylised face and flowing hair with a crown. I thought that the character like this would not need to wear clothing, because of the protection offered by his shell. Therefore he has a very simple outfit and the main focus of the design is on his physique.


In the beginning I drew some sketches, but the main concepting process was done directly in ZBrush. I started sculpting from a basic sphere, used the move brush to get the shape, occasionally using the DynaMesh function. First I sculpted the body, then some other elements such as the crown, hair, teeth and clothing. The clothing is mostly composed of flat planes so the cloth physics can be easily implemented in Unreal Engine. I did retopology in Maya, resulting in 21,271 polygons. I tried to create a topology that includes all of the ridges of the shell and is suitable for animation. After that the model was manually painted in ZBrush. The hair was not painted in the beginning because a shader was going to be applied to it in Unreal Engine.